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Meet Dana Segal


I am not a Goddess, I didnt grow up in a magical wilderness nor have I ever heard a Mermaid sing.

(I wish I had! )The truth is that Im just an ordinary girl living in the city. I do believe Climate Change is real, that the old adage "we are what we eat" means more today than any other time in history and that we need to be active participents in our own health care. 

My personal experiences increased my interest in learning where our food and household products come from. In other words: I had some issues and I had to figure out how to deal with them!  As a child my body would "respond" when certain detergents were used on my clothes and I found I had serious stomach problems when I ate particular foods. Doctors wrote off my health issues, attributing them to allergies or unspecified sensitivities. I discovered through trial and error (mostly error) which foods made me feel better and which cleaning products I could and couldn't tolerate. My parents ingrained in my sister and me a deeply rooted moral compass. Fair trade, the ethical treatment of workers, and using organic, chemical-free products have always been important to me. I’ve always believed that we are the product of the choices we make: where we live, what we buy, how we clean, what we feed our children and which objects we surround ourselves with. Making well-informed choices helps us lead a healthier, more connected existence. Today we live in a global community. Our actions can affect people who live continents away, and by making just a few small adjustments in our habits we can impact people's lives all over the world.



Dana Segal has been asked to present at numerous TED talks. She is a a working actress, a member of the World Wildlife Fund, the National Resources Defense Council, Film Aid, Neo Political Cowgirls, Waves For Water and River Keeper. She is on the Young Leadership Committee of Seeds Of Peace and The High Line, where she was recently awarded a Certificate Of Gratitude. As an educator, Dana has taught Political Theatre and Drama at New York University and in numerous inner city schools. She has also created drama programs at shelters for abused women and children and has designed or been involved with countless arts after-school programs. As a traveler, Dana has brought art, theatre and film programs to numerous countries. She is an active photographer, surfer, yogi, mountain climber, city-gardener and competitive triathlete.


 I hope this site will inspire and inform you. We look forward to hearing from you! It took a lot of peeps to help me create this site. I am eternally grateful and will continue to learn from you all.







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