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One of the advantages of living in a city is the easy access we have to amazing organic specialty products, especially chocolate!

CHOCOLATE: There is a lot of controversy in the cacao industry today from undesirable pesticides to the use of child slavery. It's time to give your chocolate a "green-over". Purchase Fair Trade, Organic Chocolate from Ethical Sources. Look for these labels: (O), (TM), (FTF), (RA).

THEO CHOCOLATE: Seattle-based brand organic and fair trade. They also have a 91% cacao dark chocolate…it might even be the darkest in the market!

DIVINE CHOCOLATE USA: The only fair trade chocolate company I have found that's 45% owned by farmers. 

PACARI: An Ecuadorian organic chocolate company. They have Andean flavors like lemon grass, and also offer raw chocolate bars. Now that’s some strong stuff!   

EQUAL EXCHANGE: Widely available chocolate in grocery stores and food shops…all around great chocolate.

ENDANGERED SPECIES: You have seen this brand all over grocery stores and small deli’s—it’s good quality.  The brand has an impressive commitment to social responsibility and conservation.


DAGOBA ORGANIC CHOCOLATE: Part of Hershey, but this arm of the company is committed to ethical and sustainable practices for chocolate production and all products are certified organic.

SWEET EARTH CHOCOLATES: Produces organic fair trade chocolates as well as vegan chocolates, all made in the USA.  The company supports several organizations that aim to improve the lives of cacao farmers and their families.  


GREEN AND BLACKS: This UK company been around since the early 1990's.  Known for their dark chocolate, it is easy to find and purchase their products!


LAKE CHAMPLAIN CHOCOLATES: Sells conventional and organic chocolate bars that are USDA certified. 

SJAAKS ORGANIC CHOCOLATES: Their goal as a company is to produce high quality organic chocolate that respects both the farmer and the environment.   

TCHO:  These San Francisco "obsessed " makers claim to go further than fair trade. They partner with the growers, include them in the process from the beginning until the end, when the sweet product is finished.  They call themselves co- creators of chocolate. They are passionate and impressive chocolate makers. 

NEWMAN'S OWN ORGANICS: Family committed to fighting hunger and to healthy eating and fair trade.

RAPUNZEL CHOCOLATES: Organic since 1974.

YACHANA JUNGLE CHOCOLATES: Intense, organic, and dairy-free chocolates that are as rich as the Amazon. Sold in specialty shops and online.

ART BAR: A New York based chocolatier, specializing in fair trade and organic chocolate with a huge celebrity following!  Look for it in many specialty shops and online.

GAIA ORGANIC FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE: I am a big fan of Gaia products. They have earned my trust through time.  

On The Rise


Brooklyn boys committed to making simple, environmentally friendly, craft chocolates.  They work with a small organic cooperative in The Dominican Republic. Watch  them as they soar. They are in the news often which makes them targets at times.

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