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Keep On Truckin:

Food Trucking that is!

Theres a reason so many New Yorkers take to the streets for lunch these days: Food Trucks! Some of the best Truck food is hitting the streets. Who says Food Trucks cant be healthy?

Here are some of our top Truck spots! 

#nosecretspots #healthyfoodtrucksnyc


1. The Cinnamon Snail

Gourmet V, O. Awesome food and peeps!



2. Calexico Food Cart


Good food



3. Kimchi Taco Truck

GF choices. Big following



4. Milk Truck

Classics and more! Grilled cheese sandwiches! The trucks name is Bessie! They have some healthy options....



5. Taim Mobile

GF and V options.

Falafel, hummus. Healthy choices.



6. Miami Food Machine

Cuban, Latin inspired. Good! Gourmet V and GF options

T only! @MiamimachineNYC


7. Green Pirate Juice

Born in Brooklyn, followed by hipsters, celebs and the health concious. And it's good!



8. Rouge Tomate Cart

Prides itself on using  local and organic products. A CP hangout.

Meat Lovers this is for you.



9. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck

Best ice cream ever! Its a treat.Their Vegan Ice Cream is killer!



10. Snow Day

Winner of The Vendy Award!

Farm to table. All local products! Concious business model.

Grilled cheese and more! Amazing!!



11. The Green Radish

V, O and awesome (but spends a lot of time in NJ, why?)



12. The Squeeze Truck

V, O, R,

Seriously good and healthy.

Juices for the soul is what they say!







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